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Instructor: Mr. Nakia Carson   
Bus Rules and Regulations
 Bus Expectations 
Student safety is our main concern, and safe passenger behavior is essential. Whether riding a 
yellow school bus or an activity bus, students are expected to display appropriate behavior and 
observe bus safety rules. Student behavior must allow the driver to focus attention on safe 
driving and not be distracted by students doing inappropriate things. All regular school rules 
apply on our buses plus these safety rules: 
- Stay seated with back against seat and feet forward. 
- No talking while the lights are on. 
- Use a quiet voice when the lights are off. 
- Keep hands, feet and all objects to self and away from windows, doors and aisles. 
- Follow safe procedures getting on and off the bus (walk, watch for traffic, keep 
objects zipped up inside book bag). 
- Use positive language – No bad language. 
- Obey driver for any other requests to keep all riders and driver safe. 
Riding the bus is a privilege and students who do not display appropriate behavior may be 
suspended from the bus. When a student is suspended from the bus, parents must provide 
transportation to and from school.
Bus violations will be handled in the following manner: 
1. The student will be called to the office and warned. 
2. Second Warning. Parent Notification. 
3. If further misconduct occurs, the student may be suspended from the bus. Suspended 
students must be transported to and from school by parents. 
 First time – 3-day suspension 
 Second time – 5-day suspension 
 Third time – 10-day suspension 
 Fourth time – year suspension 
Please note: Depending on the severity of the offense, the principal, assistant principal or 
designee may suspend a student from the bus at any time. 
The principal and or principal’s designee reserves the right to alter the above punishments 
depending on the referral. Communicating a threat, possession of a weapon (pocket knives 
included) fighting, or possession of drugs or tobacco may result in immediate out of school 

Link for NC School Bus Safety
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